Walking tall and elegant, the beautiful Swazi features including high cheekbones and slightly slanted eyes make Hazel Monareng an impressive leader. This lady is the factory manager at Godding & Godding, the person in charge who knows the business like it is part of her history, she leads by example and is intolerant of anything less than the best. Hazel started at Godding & Godding 14 years ago, but already had years of experience under her belt.

 Having started working with silk 5 years previously in Kwa Zulu Natal with her mother she moved to the Lowveld and continued with her journey. Her incredible skin and complexion belies her age, I had to ask if it was from years of working with silk? “Yes!” She stated emphatically! She loves her job and enjoys interacting with her colleagues as well as guests who visit the factory, although the work is tough it is easier than ploughing the fields she points out! Hazel’s yeas of expertise are a great source of inspiration to the women who work alongside her and she really is a natural teacher and leader.

Sue Godding is the founder of Godding & Godding, which began very simply in early 2002 and has grown into a very proudly South African crafted, international brand. She is also the co-founder of the unique, nature based Southern Cross Schools, based on the Raptors View Estate in Hoedspruit. Her love and appreciation for nature, the environment and local support are what makes Godding & Godding so special. Each item is handcrafted, where time is spent making, wrapping and packaging everything especially for you.