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As we launch ourselves into summer we all want to get rid of dry, dehydrated skin and appear with silky smooth and shining bodies. Well the Godding & Godding Body Butter is the perfect ingredient for such a transformation, this rich, buttery balm is ideal for feeding the skin and

A regale woman who has a sense of quiet authority, better known as Queenie and without a doubt  just like a real queen for everyone who works in the Godding & Godding factory. Queen Mabilane has been part of the team for 14 years, she is the head seamstress for

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but after your eyes and neck it is your hands that show the biggest signs of aging! The Godding & Godding hand cream which, just like all our other products, has silk in it and so is the perfect ointment to

When the cold nights set in you want to be snuggling under a Godding & Godding silk duvet, not only because it is so incredibly warm but it’s light weight prevents you feeling bogged down. These silk duvets have a combination of the most incredible properties, most importantly though they

Walking tall and elegant, the beautiful Swazi features including high cheekbones and slightly slanted eyes make Hazel Monareng an impressive leader. This lady is the factory manager at Godding & Godding, the person in charge who knows the business like it is part of her history, she leads by example

Five thousand years ago the Chinese discovered the secrets of silk, the legend surrounding the finding of this incredible fiber is rather enchanting. The story goes that a beautiful Empress, Lei-Tsu, was sitting in the shade of a Mulberry Tree when a cocoon fell into her tea. The warm liquid