We have just launched our pure Marula & Baobab Skin Oil. Made from the organic marula nut, this cold pressed oil is a powerful moisturizer and its rejuvenating properties protects, feeds and restores the skin in a natural but effective way. It is rich in antioxidants and oleic acids for healthy hydration. Marula is also enriched with Vitamin C and E and has unique skin tissue healing properties. The organic baobab oil is packed with vitamins and nutrients, baobab will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. Its high vitamin C content promotes collagen formation, boosting the skin’s natural elasticity and smoothness. It is a wonderful moisturizer. Baobab oil is an excellent choice for hair nourishment. It has collagen producing properties that allow your body to use amino acids to build hair proteins and strengthen the skin that holds your hair roots, thus preventing the hair from follicle damage.

This skin oil makes for a wonderful facial moisturizer (specifically as a night cream replacement) or for any scars and damaged tissue. It is now available in a 50ml glass bottle with little pump.

Sue Godding is the founder of Godding & Godding, which began very simply in early 2002 and has grown into a very proudly South African crafted, international brand. She is also the co-founder of the unique, nature based Southern Cross Schools, based on the Raptors View Estate in Hoedspruit. Her love and appreciation for nature, the environment and local support are what makes Godding & Godding so special. Each item is handcrafted, where time is spent making, wrapping and packaging everything especially for you.