200tc Cotton: Slips


Crisp and cool this cotton percale is great for daily use.

All linen is made to order.

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If sleep and luxury are important to you then – this pure cotton percale linen will provide the ultimate in luxury sleep, ensuring your body and mind gets the rest and new energy we all need to face a busy world.

The fabric is entirely natural which provides a cool, crisp texture against your body.

Unashamedly luxurious this cotton linen will inspire dreams and provide for everything a good nights rest means.

Cotton Percale

A good quality cotton percale is well worth the investment. Cotton is cool, crisp and extremely comfortable to sleep with. It is very easy to maintain and will last many years. Egyptian cotton percale is recognised as the best in the world and is made from long fibered cotton – so giving the cotton a softer feel.

Cotton percale is a higher quality cotton weave and has more cotton threads per square inch than regular cotton. The higher the thread count the softer the cotton becomes and more luxurious the feel. A too high thread count however does stifle the breathability of the cotton.

At Godding & Godding we have selected the best two options of Egyptian cotton percale that will provide both durability, comfort and a high level of quality without making your bed hot and stuffy.


This is a soft, practical cotton percale that is perfect for any bed. It is cool and comfortable to sleep with and will last for many years.

Our CLASSIC style is a simple, straight forward cover – we do however add a unique, hand-crafted detail to the pillow slips and covers.

Available in White & Stone Only.


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