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Pure Silk Enriched Body Care

Silk is one of nature’s most elegant and productive elements. The silk thread, spun by the silk worm, is nature’s most advanced, unique, natural nutritive material for both skin and hair. Careful hydrolysis of this silk thread results in a fine, soluble powder that can be blended into our skin care range.

Africa has many wonderful & magical secrets…

few of which the world has been exposed to. After all, secrets are secrets. We keep Africa’s secrets secret but through our products we share a few benefits, a few scents, a few luxuries even. We are African after all, the plants, trees and herbs we infuse with our pure silk is all African, and provides a remarkable balance between giving away Africa’s secrets and giving away just enough magic so that our products deliver something extraordinary for you.

The delicate balance of pure silk will enhance the body’s natural absorbance deep down to the lower epidermal layers and into the blood stream, so providing greater re-hydration, nourishment and elasticity to your skin. Silk’s proteins assist in the healing of the skin and will keep it in good health.








GODDING&GODDING brings you PURE SILK & BAOBAB. The African Baobab, is rich in vitamins A C D E and F and provides proven protection for the skin from sun and city pollutants.  Anti-aging properties and a richness in antioxidants all helps to improve the elasticity of your skin without clogging the pores.

GODDING&GODDING brings you PURE SILK & MARULA. The African Marula is a powerful moisturizer and its rejuvenating properties protects, feeds and restores the skin in a natural but effective way. Rich in antioxidants and oleic acid for healthy hydration Marula also contains vitamins E and C and has unique skin tissue healing properties.

GODDING&GODDING brings you PURE SILK & FYNBOS. The African Fynbos herb is soothing, mildly anti-depressant, relieves stress and is a natural mood enhancer. An excellent ally when fighting eczema and psoriases, Fynbos is also rich in pain relieving qualities.

GODDING&GODDING brings you PURE SILK & ALOE. Aloe Vera has a high concentration of vitamins E and C and is an excellent anti-oxidant with a unique Ph balance which is almost identical to the human skin. Hypoallergenic, Aloe also assists in the formation of collagen, elastin and an effective natural cellulite combative.