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If sleep and luxury are important to you then – this pure silk linen handcrafted by GODDING&GODDING will provide the ultimate in luxury sleep, ensuring your body and mind gets the rest and new energy we all need to face a busy world.

Unashamedly luxurious this GODDING&GODDING linen will inspire dreams and provide for everything a good nights rest means.

Silk fabrics are luxurious, decadent and are the ultimate to sleep with. Soft and delicate they are gentle against the skin.

Silk fabrics require great care and must only be hand washed in cold water with an organic detergent or Woolite.

At Godding & Godding we work with 2 types of silk fabrics for bedding – namely Satin Silk (soft & shiny) and Habutai Silk (soft & less shiny). These silks can be dyed various colours on request.

Although we can make silk linen, we do recommend that you select cotton percale linen and rather accessorise with silk as it is very hard to maintain and will not last as long as cotton.

Satin silk pillow slips are superb and easy to manage and we do recommend them for their gentle, anti-wrinkling properties for your face.

The colours displayed are approximate tones as colours vary from dye lot to dye lot and may be slightly darker or lighter.






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