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Essential Fragrance Oils


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Choose a fragrance and make it your own for home. Wellness and healthy living begin where you are most relaxed and complete. Our essential oils will inspire calmness and tranquility helping you to relax and to recharge.

Aloe – Fresh and rejuvenating. The Aloe Vera has a high concentration of vitamins E and C and is an excellent antioxidant with a unique Ph balance which is almost identical to the human skin. Hypoallergenic, Aloe also assists in the formation of collagen, elastin and an effective natural cellulite combative.

Baobab – Sensual and earthy. The African Baobab is rich in vitamins A C D E and F and provides proven protection for the skin from sun and city pollutants. Anti-aging properties and a richness in antioxidants all helps to improve the elasticity of your skin without clogging the pores.

Fynbos – Calm and relaxing. The African Fynbos plant kingdom is naturally calming and soothing; mildly antidepressant relieves stress and is a natural mood enhancer. Rich in antioxidants, an excellent ally when fighting eczema and psoriasis, Fynbos is also rich in pain relieving qualities.

Marula – Fruity and invigorating. The African Marula is a powerful moisturizer and its rejuvenating properties protect feeds and restores the skin in a natural but effective way. Rich in antioxidants and oleic acid for healthy hydration Marula also contains vitamins E and C and has unique skin tissue healing properties.

Suitable for Oil Burners (add a few drops to water).



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1 review for Essential Fragrance Oils

  1. Alicia Wassink

    I cannot live without the baobab oil. I am not a person who writes reviews for online products. But, I have been thinking that if there’s one product for which I MUST write, it’s this one. I am a university professor in the USA, and brought a group of students to South Africa for study in 2014. On a day off, I took a trip to Hoedspruit, and on a friend’s recommendation, came out to your store. I got there just as it was closing :(, but had time to make a quick purchase–1 small bottle of baobab oil for myself and my sisters-in-law. I have been metering out that small bottle now for 3 years. The fragrance is amazing. I have used 1-2 drops EVERY DAY, as aromatherapy. I have also found that it does wonders for dry, damaged skin (eczema). I gave some to a massage therapist, and she loves using it for her clients. I purchased some imported oil last week (not from G&G) to try to replace my precious G&G oil, but it was such a disappointment–no fragrance. Can you tell me whether there is added fragrance in the G&G product? I now know this is the only baobab oil for me.

    • Sue


      Hi Alicia
      Thank you for your lovely review. It is very much appreciated. Many people love the Baobab oils and fragrance and it is by far our most popular line in our entire product range. It does have an added fragrance which originates mainly from the flowers but has been enhanced to give it that lovely sensual earthy scent. The properties of the oil are really good and there are plenty of skin benefits that can be derived from the baobab as it is enriched with vitamins A,C,D,E and F.
      You are welcome to order online as we can ship all over the world.
      Have a lovely day further – warm regards Sue

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