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Duvet Silk: Four Seasons – From



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This pure silk filled duvet will ensure the ultimate in luxury sleep, ensuring your body gets the rest and new energy we will need to face a busy world.

Silk filled duvet inners are the ultimate in sleeping comfort.

Totally natural, they repel mould and mildew, house and dust mites cannot exist in silk, keeping your duvet hygienic and hypoallergenic.

They are incredibly light and will keep you warm when cold and cool when hot.

The inner is soft and light, enveloping your body, so creating small pockets of air that warm up quickly with your body temperature.

The silk batting is encased in pure 200 thread count cotton percale. It is stitched around the edges and loosely held in place with ties to prevent the silk from slipping. This lack of quilting helps keep the loft of the inner and allows us to refurbish and service your inner at any time.

All our duvets come in a cotton carry bag that can be used when travelling or storing your inner, or even as a laundry bag!


Our four season’s duvet option is ideal for areas with large differences in temperature between summer and winter. This is two duvets (a summer and a spring) that can be tied together in winter and then used separately during the warmer months.

Silk filled duvets may be professionally dry cleaned on a cold cycle or returned to us for refurbishing.  You may also gently hand wash it in a bath of cold water using Woolite. Do not scrunch or bunch the inner but rather smooth it gently. Rinse in the same way and leave flat to dry.

We do also recommend that you air your duvet 3 to 4 times a year.

We also offer a cleaning and refurbishing service on your older duvet. Email for any assistance.

Dimensions 43.3 × 31.5 cm



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