Time for yourself

In this world today one of the greatest luxuries is time. Time for yourself. Time to think and time to dream. Taking the time to run a bath and to rejuvenate your spirit. To reconnect your body with your mind. Time to just be alone with yourself, to revitalize your skin. To nourish and to re-energize your body as nature intended. To sleep beautifully and to feel special.


This is the luxury that is Godding&Godding

A magnificent range of silk skincare products and bedding all handcrafted for you. To compliment your time. To enhance your personal space and to just treat who you are. All natural, you can be sure of no oxidants and or synthetic chemicals, just the pureness and goodness of silk and African scents and secrets. Enjoy.

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    • Silk Duvets
    • Silk Pillows
    • 200tc Percale
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    • Pure Silk
  • Loungewear
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    • Bathrobes
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GODDING&GODDING takes its inspiration from the ancient Chinese and the natural goodness of Africa. Silk – first discovered five thousand years ago – became the royal fabric of ancient China and remains so to the day. Not satisfied with only wearing and sleeping wrapped in the finest natural fiber, the Tsang Dynasty learned to add pure silk to distilled fragrant waters for bathing creating soothing essences of wellness for the skin. GODDING&GODDING has embraced these traditions, developing a range of unique products each naturally enhanced by Africa’s own traditional use of her floral kingdom for wellness, vitality and aroma (rooibos, marula, baobab and aloe) resulting in a range of products of uncompromising quality and luxury that is GODDING&GODDING.

Discover the Magic

Africa has many wonderful and magical secrets. After all, secrets are secrets. At GODDING&GODDING we keep Africa's secrets secret but through our Silk products we share a few benefits, a few scents, a few luxuries even. We are African after all, the botanicals we infuse with our pure silk is all African, and provides a remarkable balance between giving away Africa's secrets and giving away just enough magic so that our products deliver something extraordinary for you.









The Secrets of Silk

What is Silk?

Silk is a pure protein fiber that is spun by a spider or silkworm. The best silk for bedding and skin care is from the mulberry silkworm – Bombyx Mori. These silkworms spin a beautiful silk cocoon to protect themselves while they pupate. The silk we use is from the empty cocoon, so no harm is done to the pupae.

Silk for Bedding

Silk is a natural fiber that is free of any fats, sugars and carbohydrates – for this reason silk is totally hypoallergenic and will remain free of house and dust mites, making it the perfect filling for your duvets and pillows. It is extremely light and regulates body temperature – keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Silk for Skin Care

Silk is nature’s most elegant and productive element and consists of 18 amino acids as well as elastin, collagen and vitamin E. It absorbs moisture and will not only moisturize your skin but will promote good skin health, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Silk is the most advanced, unique, natural nutritive material for skin and hair.

Interesting Facts

Silk was discovered almost 5000 years ago – as legend has it by a Chinese Empress.

The Chinese kept the secret of where they got the silk from for over 2500 years.

It spawned the longest, ancient trade route – The Silk Road.

The best silk is from China – it is their culture and heritage.

Silk has been used as a currency, paper, medically, for parachutes and even the first condom as made from silk.


Our products are hand made from natural ingredients. Most products are VEGAN and safe to use on all skin types, colours, ages and sexes.


We care deeply for our environment so have kept our packaging to a minimum and ask that what is not refillable or reusable then please recycle it.


Many of our ingredients are organic and we support local communities who have access to these indigenous African botanicals.


Our skin care range is PH Balanced and hypoallergenic. It is safe to use on all skin types and ages, including babies.


All our products are paraben and sulfate free and don't contain any harmful ingredients. Our sunscreen is ocean and reef friendly.


We do not believe in animal testing and all our skin care products are cruelty free, safe to use and are environmentally friendly too.

Our Range

Introducing our products

Skin care today has captured the attention of millions of women.....and men....world-wide. By combining silk protein and indigenous African botanicals Godding & Godding has created a revolutionary skin health range and is at the leading edge of organic, hypoallergenic skin care for the now generation.


``We commit ourselves to keeping the secrets of Africa, to the sustainability of nature and to local employment, whilst bringing to you, our customer, the sensual luxury of silk and exceptional quality expected of us.”